School Challenges

Our school is still built as a mainstream school as it previously operated as such. Therefore, there are few ramps for wheelchairs and classroom doors are not wide enough. There are no proper playgrounds, it is mainly sand. There are no sportsgrounds, especially sheltered. We do not have a dining hall, learners eat inside classrooms. Our kitchen is also very small and with limited equipment. We do not have a multi-purpose hall that can be used for physical education, meetings, assembly etc.


There is an inadequate number of buses which results in each bus making multiple trips. This causes learners to arrive late at school. Our buses are old and constantly break down thus affecting learner’s presence to school


Because there is no hall that can accommodate all the learners, learners have to assemble outside for prayer and events. Learners often get sick due to the heat on hot days. A rainy day means no form of any assembly. .

Additional temporary structures

Unstable and steep ramps are not wheelchair user-friendly, are slippery and pose a safety risk. These structures get very hot and stuffy on hot days. The windows had to be permanently shut for safety reasons as the school does .

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