Admission Criteria

- Learners must be severely intellectually


- The learner must be six years or older.

- Learners who have never been to school must

have medical referral reports.

- Learner should preferably not be older than 12

years when first admitted.

- Learners should preferably be Xhosa speaking.

- The learner must be potty trained.

- Learners must present a global developmental delay.

- The significant discrepancy in the learner’s ability to learn as indicated by assessment instruments would

indicate a condition or severe intellectual impairment.

- The learner must have already reached their academic limit in a mainstream school or in another specialized

education school.

- Learners must have the ability to either communicate on a concrete level or after observation and assessment


signs of the latent ability to communicate with the assistance of an individualised support programme in order to make their basic needs known and understand and execute simple commands.

- The cognitive, emotional and social development should be such that the learner will benefit from a functional


- Learners should preferably hear properly or have partial hearing – sign language is not provided.

- Learners should preferably see or be partially sighted - braille facilities are not available or provided.